Thursday, August 2, 2012

How To Get NBI Clearance. The FAST and CONVENIENT way.

Here is the real thing. You can get your NBI Clearance in 3 easy steps. Forget the lines, forget the waiting, and forget all the horror stories you've been hearing, reading or probably have already experienced before.

Let me start this by reminding you that this is not a paid advertisement. I am also not an employee or related in any way to NBI. This effort was done to provide everyone the help they need in securing an NBI Clearance fast and conveniently whether this is a first time or not.

The Story

NBI Clearance is a piece of document that is issued to affirm that you have no criminal records. It may serve as a form of identification and an essential requirement to several applications.

Being said, it is an important document every individual must possess at a certain time of his life.

It has been a horrible experience applying for one especialy for first timers. What is more horrifying is that, recently, I've been hearing and reading stories that you have to wait in queue for hours or wake up at 3 in the morning just to be one of the first 500 lucky persons to be entertained.

Its just not my thing. I find it really stupid to wake up 3 in the morning and wait in line for 4 hours just for a piece of paper, no offense.

So, I sought advice. Im the type that would usually research first before i purchase, visit or do something.

Ive renewed mine thrice already and the longest process ive been was only 30 minutes (NBI Carriedo branch, I've never used the renewal kiosks), thanks to all the help i got from the net.

Since i'll be needing this document again, I browsed alot of blogs so I can prepare and somehow avoid the stories i've heard, and I mean ALOT.

From what i read, the renewal kiosks are discontinued, Carriedo Office moved, Victory Mall branch gone and the awesome Otis is getting popular. It seems like there is no other way of getting through this but to experience the horror.

But like most scary stories, there is always somebody who will save the day. Thanks to Fritz's blogpost, I survived unharmed (survived exhaustion, disappointment and boredom that is). With his discovery, my faith in the NBI-system-of-applying-for-clearance has been restored.

What is the trick, you say? (drumroll) It is NBI's E-Clearance System! To cut the chase, here is the three simple steps.

NBI E-Clearance Online Application System

  1. Pay.
  2. Fillup.
  3. Submit.
If you think about it, it is the same three steps you have to undergo during a 'manual' clearance application minus data entry, verification, etc. What makes it faster and more convenient is that, with the use of technology, they were able to rid the manual procedure and the other unnecessary steps. Payment can now be done using your phone and data entry is made on your own PC (with net connection). That's getting half of the job done in the comfort of your home.

Now, Im gonna specify each step and you must follow these carefully.


First, you need to make the payment. "Hold on there cowboy," you might say. I know it sounds ridiculous, paying for something you are unsure, but dont fret, you may confirm it here: Online Application FAQ or NBI-Online. Besides, i've done this before so dont worry.

Payment is easy and very convenient though you only have three options.
  1. Through GCASH. Process the required amount using GCash.
  2. Through Globe Payment Centers. Visit any of their centers and pay the amount required.
  3. (update) NBI now accepts payment trhough Pinoy Pera Padala

I've used option1. It is my first time so again, I consulted Mr. Google. GCash is a service embedded in every Globe Sim. You just need to activate it by registering and assisgning your 4 digit MPIN.

Im not gonna specify the procedure coz it might be different with other phone brand/model. Learn to explore. It really is simple. You'll know it went successful when it confirms through text. If you want a detailed information you may visit Globe's GCash page - How GCash works?

Not a Globe subscriber? Then use option 2. Just remember to keep the receipt.
(update) You may also make payments through PPP or Pinoy Pera Padala. Instructions here: NBI Payment Steps

Back to my GCash option, after registration you must top up your GCash 'wallet', pretty much like loading your sim. Just look for the Loading Stations that process GCash. You can purchase them from establishments such as 7eleven, Tambunting Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, and some select loading stations.  I've topup mine on Villarica Pawnshop since it is the nearest. Once loaded, you can now pay for your NBI E-Clearance. Using your phone, create a message (SMS), text


send to 28829175638053

  • 09175638053 is NBI's Globe number. You may confirm it here - E-Clearance STEP1
  • Amount depends on the clearance's purpose.
Fees as of Aug 2012
screenshot from

  • (update) A convenience fee of Php 25 is imposed on the amount you have to pay to your selected facility. Meaning if you need an NBI Clearance for Local Employment you have to pay Php 140 ( 115 for the clearance plus 25 for convenience fee)

A  text message from them will confirm your transaction.
  • Dont forget to save the reference number because you'll be needing it for the online registration.
  • Dont delete the confirmation text because the nbi people will need to see this for verification of payment.


Once you have received the reference number, login to NBI-ONLINE.COM.

Create your account on the first page. It will ask for the reference number from your payment and a working email address. You have to be carefull on this one. Triple check if you must. An error could cost you another fee.

My experience: The verification on the lowest part of registration (Captcha Application) might depress you a bit. Hold your patience and try and try and try until you get it successfully. Ive tried several times before it went successful. Just to let you know should you experience the same.

Complete your details on the next page.

 The third page will ask you for other details such as your parent's birthplace, etc. This will be used for verification.

Once done, hit SAVE TO CLEARANCE. This will submit your information to NBI's database. Upon saving, a PRINT button will appear next to your reference number. Click on this and you'll be transferred to a page with your QR code and details. Print this page.

Print your code on a clean paper. This will serve as your receipt and the NBI people's reference. This code will also appear on your email.

NBI E-Clearance includes a booking process wherein you'll have to declare when will you visit the branch through text. There are blogposts saying this is not essential, but I suggest not to skip this because this might just save your ass, besides it will only cost you a peso.

Procedure from

Some select NBI Branches now accepts E-Clearance application. Include the Location code in making your booking by following the format:


You have to love NBI, they are making it more convenient for us.


You have to go personally to branch of your selection. Dont forget to bring your printed QR code and a valid ID (they wont really ask for this but bring it still).

(update) NBI E-Clearance application is now accepted to select NBI Branches for your convenience.

Enter the gate facing U.N Avenue.
Coming from U.N LRT Station, it is the second gate next to WHO.
Google Maps is a great way to get directions.

I went to the NBI main branch at UN Avenue. Get to the fourth floor, drop your printed code on the box outside the room that processes E-Clearance, have a sit on one of the chairs arranged around the lobby and wait for your name to be called.

E-Clearance room is the first room on your right coming from elevator.
From the stairs this is the first door you'll see.

They can actually do better than this.
Lobby on the fourth floor.
See that first door on the right? That's your destination.

It was raining and even flooding in some areas of Manila.
Just got lucky.

When you're summoned, a staff will interview you. They will verify your request against the things you put on the online form. Once cleared, your biometrics and picture will then be captured and they'll print your receipt.

The lady in red has her fingerprints digitally scanned.

Proceed to the ground floor (releasing area) and queue on one of the staffs. Hand over the receipt and you'll receive your clearance in no time.

Last part!

The Experience

My visit to NBI was really a breeze. It only took me 10 minutes, from my arrival at the gate to my exit. I even had time to take pictures, wait for the elevator and take a moment to marvel. Well I guess the weather also played a factor since people doesnt want to visit on a rainy day.

Technology has made things like this more convenient for us. Maximize this and you'll never have to break a sweat again. Although there are parts that needs improvement, nonetheless, I find this a breakthrough (considering all those stories and experiences with them). Time will pass and hopefully their systems will get better.

NBI's Improvement on clearance application is a 10 out of 10 rating!


  • Make sure to visit their site for updates regarding payments, processes, etc.
  • Dont delete the text confirmations until you're done with everything.
  • Their servers seems to be working only during work hours.
Expect this page when visiting during wee hours, on weekends and on holidays.

  • NBI website is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
These are my desktop icons for visual purposes only.
I dont own the rights.

  • When going to NBI Office, wear proper attire. Proper means no sando, tubes, shorts, mini skirts, slippers, sandals, etc.
  • This is posted on the stairs connecting the third and fourth on NBI Main Branch. E-Clearances are processed at the fourth floor so dont hold back when seen (unless you are using the elevator).
Ignore this sign


You may want to visit these sites for further information.


  1. difficulty with the captcha is an understatement! i must have entered 100 words already but nothing seems acceptable. i'm still trying after 2 hours. any tips?

    1. I think NBI is having technical problems.

      Same thing happened to my sister about 2 weeks ago. What we did first was we contacted their support team but my sister cant wait for a reply since she doesnt have the luxury of time (she have kids to tend to). Since its her only free time and she needed the clearance in pronto, we rushed to NBI Main and went directly to the EProcess room.

      Note that we received the reply from the support team when we're already on their premises.

      She then told them her problem and according to them we have made several errors on the captcha app which rendered our reference number void. I doubt this explanation coz it also happened to me, though I was able to registered mine. However, they helped us reset the error. Now, since they needed a printed copy of the code, she needs to finish the online registration but you cant do it on their computers. Good thing we brought a laptop. We head to the nearest fastfood and completed the registration and also ate for lunch. We then looked for a printing shop and returned to the NBI office. As expected, she got her clearance in no time.

      If you can wait for their support team's response to your complaint then just follow their instructions coz they might help you while youre at home. But if youre like my sister, or just needs the clearance asap, then do what we did.

      Im really sorry for this late reply. Ive been busy the past few days. Hope you get your clearance the soonest.

  2. Hi buber, thanks for this very comprehensive post. I'll be going to NBI next week to get my clearance. Already did the steps you listed and you are right about it being convenient. Im really impressed beacuse i just accompanied my sister last week at OTIS and you wont like the line and the experience we been through. Im excited for Monday.

  3. Hi again, I've already got mine today! im really surprised and impressed at the same time. Im really happy i stumbled upon your blog. btw, im the one from above. I wasnt able to go to NBI last Monday because of the tight schedule at work. I think the booking part is just for formality. Again, thanks alot. :)

    1. Nice to hear that! Im happy i was able to help. Cheers!

  4. Impressive! Thanks for the share (^^)

    1. I appreciate it. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. i cant access their online application today. is their system down today? i tried different servers but still i cant access it. hope you can help me because i need to get my clearance as soon as possible.

    1. Oh my, Im very sorry for this very late reply. I've been very busy these past few months, i wasnt able to visit my blog.

      Actually to tell you the truth, cant help you with that. Im just a blogger and not connected with NBI guys. If you have immediate concerns, better call them.

      Here's their contact details:
      Trunkline: 5238231 to 38
      Fax: 5261216 or 5237414

  6. May special mention pala ako rito. Thanks and welcome Buber! - Fritz (

    1. Fritz! you have no idea how much you helped me that day. All hands to you. Thanks again buddy!

  7. Hi, should we wait for 3 days before we can schedule our booking? or we can schedule anytime after we registered and got our clearance code?

    1. Anytime after getting the code. You can even schedule it an hour after you made the online registration. be sure to get there on the time you indicated.

  8. Hi! im from pampanga so i cannot do the online renewal process?

    1. I think you mean to say online 'application' process because renewals of clearances are already discontinued. Online application caters to all Filipino. Im just not sure if the NBI Offices near you process online applications. So far, the offices where you can submit e-clearances are within Metro Manila area only. I think its impractical to go here just to get one. Contact NBI Office near you to confirm. Central Luzon Reg. Office is in San Fernando Pampanga. Try calling them. (045) 455-2809 / 961-4603

  9. Thanks for posting these instructions. They have helped me get into NBI's online clearance system. However I found their processing not efficient enough. If you can spare some time, you can read about it at my blog and share your thoughts.

    1. Hi Kirstin! I’m really sorry for this late response. I’ve actually read your blog the day you commented here, but haven’t found the time to reply. Anyways, bout your blog, i cannot totally agree with your observations since I’m not aware of its current situation however i find your suggestions effective and would really hit the nail in the head.

      I understand where you're coming from, i know coz we both share 'that factor' common to technical people. :) But like what i said (typed) before, i still find the improvement a breakthrough though it undeniably need improvements lol. Just give them time, things will get better, hopefully.

      I am happy that I was of help. Thanks for dropping by.


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